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Closing the Gap

We understand the complexity of trying to improve the outcomes  for those pupils eligible for free school meals and some who aren't.


The Right Learning Company have considerable experience in this area, and whilst we don't have all the answers, we have lots of ideas to take the headache out of  closing  the achievement gap. 


Closing the Achievement Gap

Both Welsh Government and the DFE have placed an emphasis on improving the outcomes for those pupils who are eligible for free school meals. Simply because this group of pupils do significantly  less well than their peers. Through the additional funding provided to schools , through the Pupil Premium in England , and the Pupil Development Grant in Wales both countries hope to close the achievement gap that currently exists between those group and their peers. Whilst this additional funding is most welcome, allocating funding accurately to have an impact on pupil outcomes is proving difficult. What's more whilst there is much research out there , and helpful websites such as the Toolkit provided by the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF) , we are still not sure what works. 


As a former strategic advisor for Closing the Gap , Huw Duggan as significant experience in working with schools to raise outcomes for eFSM pupils. We can provide a range of support, training and evaluations to help take the headache out of outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. So the question remains , what works?  


The simple answer, good pedagogy! Teaching and learning.  The Right Learning Company offer a range of training and packages focused on the pedagogy of closing the gap.




Closing the gap

Establishing Collaborative and Independent learning Environme

Closing the Vocabulary Gap

Improving the oracy of pupils eligible for  FSM to raise standards

Metacognition- Learning to Learn

Helping children to be more independent and reflective learners

Peer Coaching

Helping pupils give more effective feedback to one another. 


Self Regulating 

How to use coaching for effective self regulating behaviour 


Life Without Lessons

How to change your teaching style to ensure there is  learning and less t

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